About me

Between two rivers

Let's start from the distant 1998 year. Then a person had to have one profession.

And people like me faced a difficult choice.

I grew up where the Oka and Volga meet. Through them, everything fashionable and relevant flows into the city from all over, filling the space and accumulating in the corners -  numerous, they form a city, which itself, in turn, forms an angle between two rivers.

It is not surprising that my youth was also located between two professions. My acquaintance with psychology also began in a cozy corner. No, no one put me there, punishing me. I quite voluntarily spent this time after classes at the music school. Buy all books  I couldn't, so I read like this, standing at the shelves with psychology. All sales consultants already knew me and asked where I would go.  

I have been studying music since early childhood, as I grew up in a family of musicians.

More about my musical biography  can be read in the section  Music .


In 2003 I moved to Moscow. Before the start of formal training in psychology, I had the opportunity to communicate with followers of various schools - scientific, esoteric, religious. Among them are adherents of the classical teachings of Jung and Freud, transpersonal psychology, Western and Vedic astrology, the teachings of Taoism and Buddhism, the practice of meditation and yoga, psychedelic culture and hippie philosophy, the traditions of Hinduism, Islam and Christianity. Hours of conversations, joint trips and life in remote settlements have become "my universities" of psychology.

In 2016, my musical passion led me to graduate school at the Sorbonne University in Paris. Then I began to study psychology systematically.And in 2018  enrolled in a comprehensive training program for psychologists at the European School of Psychology, combining a Jungian basis with modern Western methods of psychotherapy.

For over two years I have been specializing in individual therapy. You can read more about it, as well as reviews of my clients here . I run a small youtube channel  "Cinema and Psychology" . I am finishing my solo album with a medieval harp at the studio. I go through additional training programs, exchange experiences with colleagues from Russia and other countries, undergo personal therapy and intervisions.

Something in life remains unchanged - even today I like to go to that bookstore on the main street. It became big, it was as if we grew up together. I still habitually head to the shelves with psychology. However, something has changed since then ... In the modern world, there is no need to make a painful choice between two professions :-)