About therapy

My favorite and main format is individual therapy. Today it is fashionable to travel, visit exotic countries, learn languages. For me, as a psychologist, this is a reflection of profound internal changes in people. Modern man seeks to know himself, to get in touch with his inner universe, to discover his talents, to make friends with the hidden self.

However, the requests themselves are usually  more practical - to understand the relationship; decide; improve health; cope with stress and difficult experiences; understand where to move, what to strive for, etc.

Individual therapy is always a journey; pre-laid routes do not work here. The man in it,  as a rule, he himself defines my role - as a guide or traveling companion, dispatcher or guide-interpreter.

But he is always driving himself,  determining  where he needs to get.

Part of the psyche does its work during the session, but even more after. it  similar to bodywork  -

we train, and then for a few days we feel like  something is changing. That is why regularity is so important in psychotherapy.

and consistency, it bears good results, long-term results.

For me, the therapy formula = empathy + method

In my practice, I like to include work with dreams.  If a person wishes, at the session we can discuss a film , fairy tale or book that interested him.

The work takes place online via skype. Moscow time.

It is better to sign up via mail or skype - it's faster and easier this way.