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Retour à Paris


voice and medieval harp

My first studio album is almost done

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I was born in a family with a rich musical history.  

In 2009  I graduated from the Gnesins Academy of Music majoring in musicology.  

In this decade, my musical  activity  was mainly associated with the Middle Ages. I played and sang  in father's projects,  v  ensembles  Consort, Pfeyffer,  Alta Capella,  Universalia in Re,  Labyrinthus,  Pattern and  Telenn Gwad.

In 2016-2017  I studied at the master's degree at the University of Paris

(University Paris IV Sorbonne)  with a degree in performing medieval music.

My album "Retour à  Paris "- the result of this  rich decade, a tribute to the medieval period in my work.