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Do you like cinema?
Why do you watch films?
What does the movie tell you about yourself?

For me, cinema is the embassy of the unconscious.

Today there are probably thousands of films of any genre, even for the most capricious viewer.

We settled down well in a soft armchair and slippers  at the gate  into eternity.

But still  I've been missing something for a long time. It's not enough for me to watch a film.   It is important to discuss it later -

the meanings that he carries;  states that it reveals.  Moreover, to discuss not only with like-minded people,

but also with those who perceived the film in a completely different way. While studying at the European School of Psychology

I got such a great opportunity. Today, in my practice, I analyze films:

- in group discussions  with  fellow psychologists.

- as an adjunct to individual therapy. 

- on your youtube channel .

- and I am also preparing a new format: online discussion in a group of 3 to 6 people.