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Answers on questions

- How long is the session?

The session lasts 50 minutes (+ 5-10 minutes - discussion). Observing this format, we learn to strengthen our boundaries, to feel the boundaries of another, to switch from one state to another. 

- What are we going to do in the session?

We will talk at the session. Each  the meeting starts with a question  psychologist "what would you like to talk about?"  psychologist  mostly listens and asks questions. It is also possible to discuss techniques, meditations, body practices, which, if desired, you  will be able to  do it yourself.

- How often should the sessions be held?

Sessions are recommended to be held 1-2 times a week. For a while  meetings can be more frequent or infrequent if the need arises.

- How many sessions do you need for a good result?

It depends on the situation and the depth to which the person is willing to dive. In some cases, long-term work is needed from several months to several years, in others, 5-10 sessions will be enough. Possible  meetings in consultation mode are one-time  meeting to discuss one specific issue.

  -  Where should you stay during the session?

At home or in another quiet, secluded place where you feel comfortable (a cafe, shopping center, park will not work, as there are many distractions and you can be disturbed at any time).

- How do I know that the sessions helped me?

If the general condition has improved, anxiety has decreased, new ideas and desires have appeared, then the sessions have brought the first results.

- What if I disagree with  a psychologist, feel irritated, hurt, angry?

This can be said  a psychologist and discuss your emotions with him. Professional  psychologist  will not be offended :-) Discussion of these states can bring good results.

- How does online work differ from a live session?

Now it is generally accepted that nothing. The client's state is fully transferred. The main thing is to have a good internet connection, as well as a camera and sound. It is best to conduct sessions from a computer via Skype.

- How do you pay?

Payment is made online before the start of the session at  Yandex wallet or Sberbank card.

It is recommended to be in solitude, you can take pets with you, but everyone else will have to go for a walk and postpone all questions to you until the end of the session. When talking with a psychologist, it is recommended to turn off your phone and other gadgets. Moscow time.